• July 15, 2022

A Few Popular Window Replacement Options

There are a few different types of windows available, such as double-pane, single-pane, and thermal windows. One of the most popular exterior door options is windows and door replacement


Double-pane windows are the most common type and are made up of two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of sheet metal. They offer good security and privacy, but they can be expensive to replace. 

Single-pane windows are also common, and they consist of one pane of glass that is set in a metal frame. They offer less privacy than double-panes windows, but they are cheaper to replace and they can be used in areas with limited sunlight. 

Another popular exterior door option is window maintenance. This includes everything from cleaning the window screens to repairing the broken or damaged glass. It's important to remember that any repair or replacement job should be done by a professional because improper work can lead to costly repairs later on.

Window Cleaning Window cleaning is one of the most basic services we provide in your home. It's important that you clean your windows every few weeks to prevent water damage and other problems.

 Our window cleaning services take care of both inside and outside corners. We'll also make sure you have enough supplies on hand to make the entire service a breeze.

If you like, we can even schedule our window cleaners to come out at specific times of the day or week. The only limit is your imagination so let us know what needs attention from your perspective.

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