• June 3, 2021

Accuracy Quest 2 lenses

Some folks are born risk-takers and others wouldn't venture out of the accepted realm of safety for love nor money. You can also contact your optical practitioner for assistance through various online sources.



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Things we should consider

I must confess to being one of the risk-takers. Preparation was crucial- both mental and of the equipment. 

BUT, It could have cost me my life: I would never want to lose a shot due to lack of accuracy from using inferior equipment.

A quality rifle and scope were crucial to achieving my goal as a sniper. The soldiers selected by the army had to show consistency in their shooting, and be one of the top three in our unit shooting competitions. 

Hunting big game in the western US affords opportunities for long-distance shots. In addition to a powerful rifle, you want a scope that provides magnification of your target while maintaining crisp resolution. 

This also translates to finding a scope that has multi-coated lenses to prevent reflection and glare. 

A larger objective lens will provide greater capacity to gather light, thereby delivering optimum resolution. 

Game is usually active during early morning dawn and evening dusk hours; times when light-gathering capabilities would be an advantage. 

For hunting smaller games, a lower magnification would be desired and will provide a wider angle visual field. 

However, you still want a good model scope that's waterproof, has lens coating and is parallax error-free. 

Once you have determined your main hunting interests, you can more confidently select the rifle and the scope features to maximize your success.


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