• October 18, 2021

All About Glossy Photo Paper

Glossy paper is one of the most popular photo papers in the world. There is one feature to consider when choosing photo paper; This is the final!

Glossy paper is a type of paper coated with compounds that provide properties such as weight increases, surface gloss, and smoothness. Kaolinite or calcium carbonate is used to cover paper for high-quality printing in the packaging industry and in magazines.

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If there is paper, there is also semi-gloss photo paper and first class. There are several things that need to be considered when buying paper. We all know that most of us are immediately interested in images printed on photo paper because they look very clear and colorful. However, glossy paper is designed to keep the mold looking sharp and bright.

Glossy photo prints look more visible than ordinary photo paper. However, traditional images look boring compared to shiny images. From the eyes of the beholder, the mold on shiny photo paper looks rich and brightly colored.

But be careful, you have to work well and be careful with your paper mold because your fingerprints can be easily registered in the mold. Also, seeing glossy photos in bright places is very disturbing because the reflected light from shiny photos can be annoying and disturbing, making it difficult for you to see them. Regardless of your fingerprint, dust can also be a problem. Glossy paper is known to be more susceptible to dust, which makes it dirtier when added to your fingerprint.

Choose from various glossy photo papers made by leading digital printing companies. Things to consider when buying paper are the use, quality, and price.

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