• April 22, 2022

Buy DJI FPV Drone Specs Online

If you're thinking about buying a DJI FPV Drone, we've got all the details on specs, what's included in the Combo, and how amazing the first-person view flying experience is. Gareth Evans, one of our own, also got his hands on the new FPV drone for a video review, which we've included below.

One Person View (FPV) drones were developed to provide racers with a bird's eye view of their drones as they streamed into goggles. Despite the constraints of the global pandemic, the World Air Sports Federation runs drone-related championships across the world that are immensely popular. You can buy DJI FPV lenses via www.vr-wave.store/products/dji-fpv-prescription-lenses.

While FPV drones are essential for racing and sports, they are also popular among filmmakers, solo pilots, and Youtube creators because of their very vivid first-person vision. 

A pilot is using Google Glasses (Version 2. in this DJI drone) that live to transmit directly into the drone. The broadcasts should be as clear and as low in latency as possible, which is why DJI equipped the drone with high-gain antennas and four transmitters, and three receivers to improve the signal. With a consistent and reliable HD video feed, the results are astounding.

According to the CAA, if a pilot loses sight when flying alone, he or she must keep an eye on the ground, and a spotter is necessary to assist the pilot. This is owing to the fact that wearing goggles makes it harder to see other aircraft in the area, which is unsafe. 

Every drone must be registered as well, although, at 795g, the drone will always be registered according to the old rules. It's a full-fledged business, as you can see in the photograph above.

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