• November 22, 2021

Natural Remedies for Diabetic Foot

Natural remedies for diabetic feet may be able to help reduce nerve pain and speed up the healing of minor injuries or cuts. If you have diabetes, don't ignore foot injuries.

They can quickly turn into serious infections that could lead to amputations and even death. Seek medical attention for diabetic foot treatment in Towson immediately.

Diabetic Foot UlcersA New Treatment That You Can Do At Home - New treatment using pure oxygen therapy that is applied at home appears effective in speeding up healing of diabetic-related foot

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Diabetic foot pain-

There are natural remedies and supplements that can help with diabetic foot problems. Peripheral neuropathy, or nerve-based pain in your feet, is a common condition that can be caused by poorly controlled diabetes. 

This could cause severe pain, numbness, tingling, and even numbness. This is caused by high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. You want to get better control over your blood sugar. To optimize your medication and diet, you should consult your doctor.

To prevent further nerve damage to your feet and lessen pain, natural remedies like alpha-lipoic and curcumin may be an option. These antioxidants have been shown in diabetes to reduce nerve damage as well as pain. These remedies should be the most effective and easily absorbed.

You can heal faster-

Zinc and external ointments using calendula oil or tea tree oil are two other natural remedies for diabetic feet. Zinc is essential for the healing of cuts and injuries. High blood sugar levels can cause a decrease in zinc intake in people with diabetes. 

Therefore, taking a good multivitamin-multimineral supplement with at least the recommended daily amount of zinc in it is important.


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