• March 9, 2022

Some Important Tips When Considering Your Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling hoists are a good alternative to floor hoists especially when you want to move patients around the room. However, unlike floor hoists, you will also need to take into account tracks for the ceiling hoist to go through. 

There are also other factors that need to be considered when you think about which ceiling hoist to use. 


Do you want a portable or permanent Luna ceiling hoist? While all ceiling hoists will need to use an overhead track to attach the ceiling hoist there are different options of attachments.

Some ceiling hoists are a permanent fixture to an indoor ceiling track meaning that they are installed in one room and remain there constantly. However, there are others that are available with portable frames and attachments meaning that you can use them for rooms.

Therefore if you only need a ceiling hoist for one room then a permanent one might be the most ideal for you. However, if you plan on taking the ceiling hoist from room to room then you might want to consider investing in a portable ceiling hoist.

It is also worthwhile to consider 3 track options:


This track system is designed to give maximum flexibility and coverage within the room. It’s often less visible in the room due to the rails located in the corners of the room while the traverse rail can be parked at one end. It provides the possibility of transferring anywhere within the room including floor lifts.


Installed in a fixed location the system provides the possibility of simply transferring the user from point A to point B.


The ultimate in ceiling hoist systems as its name suggests it allows the ceiling hoist to traverse through a number of rooms and locations including doorways, hallways, and corridors. It utilizes a wide range of components to allow the ceiling hoist to cover multiple rooms.


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