• October 19, 2021

Some Reasons To Use A Retractable Insect Screening Solution

A screening solution is needed in these cases. While there are many options available for insect screening, most people use static screening. 

The motorized retractable patio openings are becoming more popular because of their versatility. These are some reasons to buy a retractable window or door.

Rustproof / Easy Cleaning

Insect screens that are resistant to rust are ideal for humid environments. The magnet is the only thing that should rust in a bug solution. It is important that your retractable product does not rust because it makes it easy to clean. 


A traditional static screen would normally rip from its fittings in such an event, but many retractable screening options will survive the crash because the magnet de-attaches under sufficient pressure, opening the window or door solution. This prevents any serious or minor damage to the product.


Established screen door and window screens companies take pride in their products and are detail-oriented. 

The product's color choices, spring mechanism quality, and design options are all important. It is amazing how each piece matches the other. Retractable products are more aesthetic and attentive than static screening.

Sleek Design

Retractable screening solutions are often minimalistic and designed to be as compact as possible. 

Professional Installation

Because of the limitations in home construction, retractable screening can be difficult to install. Reliable companies will provide professional installation or even require it to ensure you have an effective, insect-free solution.


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