• November 23, 2021

Some Warning Signs That Tell Your Car Needs An Exhaust Repair

Your car is an intricate machine made out of different parts that are carefully and thoughtfully placed in their right position by experienced engineers. Similar to how every part of the body is necessary, each car part also has a function that assists in having a smooth & safe ride. 

Here are the signs of car exhaust repair: 

Fuel Efficiency

As a car owner, you know how important fuel efficiency is. Anything that decreases it needs to be handled as soon as possible. You can even shop for the VCM VE Commodore V8 OTR Intake kit to eliminate any kind of exhaust problems from your vehicle.

An exhaust leak is also indicative of harmful gases that are not being emitted outside the car system. These gases raise the temperature of the engine and therefore promote more fuel burning. If you notice your MPG falling without any reason, it is time to book a car inspection service and fix the leak issue urgently. You don’t want the harmful gases to find a way into the cabin. 


If you notice a vibration on the gas pedal, steering wheel, or car seat, it is likely due to an issue in the exhaust system. One reason why you’re experiencing the vibrations is because of a rusty exhaust pipe. This problem is more evidently found in vehicles that take a lot of short trips. Since the distance does not make the muffler and pipe hot enough to evaporate the collected water, the condensation sits there and rusts the system. 

Engine Noise

Engine Noise can be attributed to a number of issues, but the common issue is usually with the exhaust system of your vehicle. If you have recently noticed that your engine has increased the decibels considerably, it might be time to get an exhaust check-up in your local garage. 


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