Handy Items your Boat Should Always Have

  • July 2, 2021

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You may have finally purchased your dream boat. You may be excited to click a few pictures of yourself with your boat. Now is the time to store your boat with some important items. Here’s a list of items your boat should be having inside that are handy and useful.

  1. Life Jacket – You may be a good swimmer however, not everyone knows how to swim. This is the reason why you should be having life jackets for safety purposes. A great tip would be to have life jacket that fits you along with for those who may be tagging along with you. Therefore, keep life jacket on board your boat.
  2. Additional Rope – Human lives are saved by wearing a life jacket. While an extra rope is meant to keep your boat safe. Plus, an extra rope helps your boat to park with the help of towing and docking.
  3. A Sharp Knife – If the extra rope becomes unwanted then you can get rid of it with the use of a sharp knife. Just to be on the safe side, if you have kids coming along then keep the knife away from their reach.
  4. A Flare Gun – There may come a time where you can get lost during your trip. During such instances, even your radio may not be working due to weak signal to call for help. This is when flare gun comes in handy which can be lit well not just during the night but also during daytime after shooting at the sky.

If you own more than one Australian made aluminium boats, then these are the items your boats should have. 

The different types of boats you need to know about

  • April 10, 2021

Builders Brisbane Aluminium Boat

Boats are specifically designed watercraft that help one navigating near the shore areas or waterways like lakes and rivers. Boats are different from ships as they are small in size as well as have limited carrying capacity. Modern-day boats are known as watercraft as they can be held abroad on a boat. The boats can mainly be classified into three sections like workforce or unpowered boats, motorboats and sailboats.

The various types of boats constructed by Aluminium Boat Builders Brisbane:

•Fishing boats- These boats are the most used to survive any waters and various fishing adventures. The fishing boats consist of rod lockers, front bows, rod lockers, and live wells. The slim profile boats weigh less and are durable too.

•Dinghy boats- The dinghy boats are known as sailboats or rowboats. These boats are made up of rubber, and the cross thwarts. The boats consist of sails, outboard engines, and oars.

•Deck boats- Deck boats comprise open deck areas that make seating possible for small spaces. The V-shaped hull accommodates more passengers as compared to other ships. These boats are provided with stern power drives.

•Bowrider boats- These boats are popularly known as family boats. The Australian boat builders have uniquely designed them to provide a spacious seating arrangement.

•Cuddy cabin boats- The cuddy cabin boats are best for sailing, yachting, and fishing. Not only these boats provide easy navigation, but they also promise convenient storage space.

These boats are used as per their requirement.