• May 21, 2021

What Is An IT Technician?

The IT technician provides general desktop and printer support for the company and/or its customers, or network support. Network IT technicians install network equipment such as routers and switches, as well as cables. 

They regularly monitor the network to make sure they are working optimally and there are no issues slowing down the network. Desktop maintenance technicians install computers and other IT devices such as printers and copiers, as well as operating systems and related software. 

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They also ensure that the new computers and laptops can interact with each other and with the appropriate servers on the network. In addition, these technicians support employees by helping them with computer problems and training them in new systems and software if necessary.

Skilled IT technicians can install servers and monitor server systems by performing system checks, performing backups, and ensuring that the antivirus program is running and updated regularly. Experienced network technicians also assist with network design and the actual configuration of switches and routers.

What do IT technicians do?

Running a desktop or network IT technician has many aspects, including:

-Installation of network cables and other network devices such as routers and switches.

-Installation of workstations and other devices such as printers.

-Install an operating system and desktop programs.