• September 28, 2021

Food Photography Methods for Capturing Minimalist Food

The art of food photography is being transformed by minimalist cooking. Here are some techniques photographers use to capture this modern cuisine's simplicity and spirit. Minimalist cooking is extremely popular, whether it's because of recession or the desire to simplify and downsize. 

All things, from hard-to-find ingredients to specialized equipment and utensils, have been reduced to a minimum.  Many photographers are adapting their techniques and noticing this shift, whether they know it or not. You can also purchase food photography lighting through spectrum-brand.com/products/23inch-work-hustle-photography-table-kit.

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Photographers who understand the subject and are skilled at it have developed a few techniques that help to highlight the subject. This article will outline a few of these techniques. 


Keep the composition simple. Plain white plates, brushed steel, or plain countertops are good options. A sprig with fresh herbs, such as sage, can add a little color to the image. Photograph at a level that is equal to or a little higher than the food. It is easy to look down on food. Providing a new perspective in photography can help the viewer see things from a different angle.

The Tripod

A tripod is the only essential piece of equipment for high-quality food photography. Although it may not be necessary for every shot, not having one would prevent you from taking many good photos. You have two options: a small tabletop model or a smaller point-and-shoot camera. 

This allows the tripod to be placed on the same surface that the item being photographed. It is very helpful when the camera needs to be near the food.


The above is applicable to all food photography, but there are certain lighting techniques that can give your photos a minimalistic feel. One such option is to use a strong backlight.