• November 19, 2021

What’s the Best Driving Net You Can Buy?

A driving net can be used in your backyard or at home to improve your shot and reduce your scores. What golf nets can you use that aren't practical or leave you frustrated? And which ones work well? Let's take a look at some of the key features of a high-quality golf nets for house.

1) Easy Assembly – Nets can be easy to set up and require 2 people. It is important to choose something that can be easily moved inside and out.

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2) Strong Netting – A ripped net could mean a hole in your wall or a broken window at the house next door. Polyurethane hitting nets can tear easily after just a few hits, especially if you hit it hard. You should ensure that the company backs up its claims about the strength and durability of the net.

3) Hitting mats – Does your driving net include a hitting mat with some plastic tees with it? Many models don't come with a hitting mat, so be sure to check before you purchase one. This can help save your lawn from serious damage, and you can also use it to heat your home in the colder months.

4) Price – When it comes to golf driving nets, quality comes with a price. Nets that are cheaper tend to be less durable. This is not always true with all products, but it's usually the case that if you spend more, you get a higher quality driving net.

5) Hitting Targets– Not all nets include hitting targets. Some nets do have hitting targets. You don't have to be creative with white ribbons or athletic tape.