• May 7, 2021

IT Managed Services: How They Can Help Improve Your Information Security

Many companies are turning to managed IT services to protect their data. If a security breach occurs on company computers and servers, sensitive information such as personal information about customers and employees, trade secrets or financial records may be compromised. 

This can lead to loss of company integrity as well as loss of customer trust. This is where managed IT services come in handy. You can hire the best and leading IT managed services and IT solutions Company in Singapore at Entrust Network.

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You can help servers and networked computers communicate safely and efficiently with each other and with the outside world. In particular, they can ensure that your network, servers, and computers have the latest security software, can ward off malware and viruses, and are generally protected from information security threats.

The following are some of the common risks that managed service providers can reduce:

Virtual threat attack. If you are using a computer with a hypervisor (virtual platform that hosts the operating system), you need to make sure that the security measures are up to date with the hotfix as this might be attacked from the virtual world. 

Transferring malicious data packages to your server with your knowledge is another viral threat your business may face. 

Managed service providers can configure virtual firewalls that create boundaries between individual servers and prevent servers from communicating with insecure servers.