• December 28, 2021

How can I utilize Bradford Factor?

It was initially developed at the Bradford University School of Management in the early 80s. Bradford Factor is used by various companies throughout the world including government agencies (UK Prison Service, for instance). It is a valuable benchmarking tool that allows managers to establish the ability to assess an individual employee absence report. 

Bradford Factor does not take into account specific circumstances like disability or a brief-term condition chronic illness, but it does account for occasional absences for a couple of times and is beneficial for early detection of problems or as a monitoring instrument. You can also look at this website https://scheduleleave.com/bradford-factor-calculator/ to use the Bradford points calculator.

Numerous companies use factors scores as triggers to develop more comprehensive assistance and monitoring processes for employees. Bradford Factor can support an efficient strategy for managing absences of staff but it's not as effective if employed as a stand-alone instrument.

Bradford Factor Scales

The below is a summary of Bradford Factor scores and weightings. the Bradford Factor index is only an indication. Employer policies regarding absences from the workplace should be documented in detail and communicated to employees. 

Employers must ensure that their employees are aware of how to use the Bradford Factor calculator.

  • Concern (BF 45): Sufficient days for a supervisor to display concern and suggest discipline of financial decisions, in the event of more absences during the time frame specified.

  • Be concerned (BF 100): Sufficient days for a supervisor to begin disciplining actions (oral warning writing warning, formal supervision, etc.)

  • Concern (BF 900): Sufficient days for a manager to contemplate dismissal.