• May 28, 2022

Why You Need Invisalign Dental Treatment In Orange Park

The Invisalign method is a teeth alignment system that uses the patient's tooth shape and smile impressions, which are generally made using 3D imaging technology. It is designed as a series of invisible and special liners commonly used for straightening teeth. This method is considered an alternative to braces, which do not have metal braces, but only a plastic splint that is used to correct the shaping of the teeth. 

This set of liners is usually placed in your mouth by an Invisalign dentist and replaced every two weeks until the alignment process is complete. This way you are always guaranteed to get a straight smile and the right alignment of your teeth. You can also get more information about Invisalign treatment in Orange Park via marinofamilydentistry.com/invisalign/.

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Benefits of using Invisalign braces

Fast healing

In most cases, this method offers faster results than braces. It is said that braces can take up to 3 years to straighten your teeth, but with this Invisalign procedure, it only takes a year to restore your beautiful, confident smile.

Comfortable to wear

Braces are always annoying and uncomfortable to wear. Not only that, they are seen from afar and sometimes look ugly. But with Invisalign, you hardly feel like you're wearing anything. It is lightweight and also almost invisible.

You can also search online for more information about Invisalign treatment.