• June 7, 2022

Why Property Crowdfunding Is Better Than Syndication?

Let us begin by declaring the fact that real estate crowdfunding can be described as the syndication method used in this case. Everything that happens here is the source and the service to investors is done through an internet-based platform. An easy analogy is that Syndication is your normal taxi service, and real estate crowdfunding is like Uber.

But, as Uber offers many options and features for users in addition to providing access that an ordinary taxi service is not able to match the requirements of real estate crowdfunding, it leaves syndication out in the dirt. If you aren't conscious, syndication is a means for a group of people to join a group and share their expertise including time and knowledge to work on a property. 

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It could involve buying an undeveloped property or developing a project. The benefits are numerous. Opportunities that were beyond the reach of individuals are now in the reach of the entire group. The funds can be pooled to purchase a higher-cost property or project that might yield better yields. 

Certain members of the Syndicate may bring the expertise of Building, Project Management Planning, etc. and could trade for instead of cash. There are many risks to avoid. The majority of the time syndicates are made up of people who you are familiar with and have a great relationship with. They are typically relatives and friends. 

You feel confident investing your money with them because you have their trust. However, anyone who has had business dealings with family members and acquaintances can attest to the fact that this is where the problems start.