• July 28, 2021

Why Skylights Must Have An Adequate Ventilation?

Proper ventilation is an important issue in the installation of skylights. A proper ventilation system should be installed for a skylight to ensure that it is both energy-efficient and functional. The ventilation system should be properly designed and installed to ensure continuous airflow around the roof opening. It must be well ventilated and the passage from the intake vents into the exhaust outlets should not be blocked.

Skylights are essential when designing a roofing structure. These windows allow sunlight to enter the building from the outside, which in turn helps to increase the space's energy and vitality. If you want to get skylights for your home, then you can visit www.keyliteskylights.com.au.


However, they can also create drafts that could lead to uncomfortable conditions. Warmer air rises, so this system loses around forty-five percent of its heat in winter. The warm air reaches the ceiling and is cooled by the cold skylights. This creates a draft that gradually lowers the comfort level in the area under the skylight. A good ventilation system is the best way to solve this problem.

There are many ways to avoid the problems that come with maintaining a continuous airflow for roofing structures. No matter how long the winter season lasts, icicles can form along roof edges. This, as well as ice damming on skylight frames and roofs, can cause water to back up and penetrate the roof and exterior walls.