• December 24, 2021


Chair Rentals also referred to as booth rental or weekly fee is the time when you pay a weekly or monthly rental fee to the owner of the barbershop. You are able to make use of the barbershop’s salon rental chairs to visit customers and also keep the profits you make. This is an independent kind of business in which you run your barbershop inside the existing business.

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Commission gives you the percentage of your earnings at the barbershop. Commission agreements can vary from a split of 70-30 up to a 40/60 split. Imagine you earn $100 in one day. Then, you would divide your 70-30 share and keep $70, while giving $30 to barbershop owners. You could split the $40 with the owner, and keep 60 dollars. 

Another example is if you earn $180 a day, and you are on a 50-50 split. In this scenario the person who earns $90 each gets.You'd be considered an employee of the barbershop, not self-employed, as you would be when renting chairs or booths at a reputable shop.

The first step is to become a barber with a commission. Once you've established a stable customer base, you are able to rent a chair or booth. This is the standard way of doing things and some barbers lease their entire careers, while others earn commissions.

All depends on your individual preferences. You'll have to be able to adjust to the barbershop's preferences of owners or managers. This is especially the case in smaller barbershops that don't typically hire chairs.