• November 16, 2021

Effective Use Of USB Extensions

If you have a lot of cables coming and going to your computer and you feel like there is less space to connect more devices, then you may consider purchasing a USB extension.

It seems like everything these days connects to your computer via USB. Everything but your monitor can be connected via USB. This makes all of your USB ports valuable real estate, which can also make certain things difficult to access. The usb c docking hub, for example, is a great tool for connecting a device.

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If you have almost everything plugged in, the USB may only have one or two ports left, but it can be difficult to get something new to get to that replacement port you must have. For example, if you have a WebCam but you already have your mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, and you keep the cable that connects to your digital camera's MP3 player attached, then it can be difficult to find a port that is within reach.

If you got your computer in the last five years, it likely has USB ports on the front and USB ports on the back. If all of them are occupied in the back, then whatever you have connected through the front ports. In this case, it is nice to have a USB extension cable.

You can usually find them from 1 foot to 9 feet long, which will give you a good range to choose from. If what you are trying to connect is farthest from your computer, then you will obviously go with a longer cable.