• March 2, 2022

Use of Protein Supplements for Men

It's a known fact that women and men have different nutritional needs and requirements for supplements. This is especially evident when it pertains to multivitamins but there are a few aspects to take into consideration regarding protein supplements too. 

The method of supplementing with protein is not important; it is not important if you decide to consume supplements in the shape of a tasty shake, a protein bar, or even in the form of chocolate-like candy pills. The most commonly used kinds of protein supplements for men are whey protein and casein protein. 

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Both are made of cow's milk. Casein protein accounts for around 80percent of the milk protein and whey is remaining. Both of them are full proteins because they are a complete source of amino acids. These are those that the body can't synthesize using other amino acids.

For bodybuilders or athletes, the major difference between whey and casein protein lies in the fact that whey is thought to be 'fast' meaning it's quickly absorbed by the body. it is further refined, even to the point of hydrolysate to increase the bioavailability. Casein protein on the contrary, digests more slowly and delivers nutrients over a longer duration of time.

Both of them are suitable for males as they are for women. The requirements are determined by the amount and type of activities you engage in and also your objectives regardless of your gender. In reality, some kinds of proteins appear to be less appropriate for males than females. Soy protein, for instance, is high in isoflavones.


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