• November 25, 2021

What Can a San Antonio Dental Implants Dentist Do

An oral surgeon is a dentist who performs dental implant surgery. After your general dentist has examined the area of the tooth, gum, and tissue, oral surgery takes place. First, the oral surgeon removes any unhealthy areas from the mouth and then attaches the implant to the missing tooth. The prosthodontics specialty is also where oral surgeons work.

This specialization focuses on the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of patients with missing or damaged teeth, tissues, bone, and jaw function. Prosthodontists use prosthetics or biocompatible synthetics to provide women and men with comfortable, natural-looking, functional tooth simulations. Dental implant dentists work closely with the maintenance and functions of the jaw bone. You can find the most qualified and best dentist for dental implants & teeth cleaning in San Antonio.

The implant is placed and absorbed into the jaw bone to make it one. They are skilled in the anatomy of the human mouth and can help with implant placements. A dental implant dentist can help you put the pieces back together, no matter if you are dealing with trauma or oral disease.

Over the years, oral diseases have not lost their power. Science has a greater understanding of the maxillofacial and oral cavities. Trauma can also involve other aspects in plastic surgery. Prosthodontics can be considered part of cosmetic surgery.

Because a patient is also restoring the appearance of their smiles, prosthodontics is considered cosmetic surgery. The dentists collaborate with prosthodontics to understand the importance of the restorative work they do to restore confidence and oral function to patients.

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