• October 28, 2021

Why Is There a Grave Need for Time and Attendance Management System Software? mm

Manual Time Attendance Management solutions, which require manual marking and calculation of employee time are often time-consuming and add immensely to the cost of the organization. The manual time and attendance management systems are also prone to problems such as human errors, buddy punching, and dishonest time keeping, which again add to the organizational overhead, this directly affects the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

What are the features of an automated time and attendance management system?

>> Reduced Time and Effort: A Time and Attendance software allows organizations to mark and record attendance data of employee and generates various schematic reports for organizational needs.

>> Accuracy: This employee data acts as an input to payroll systems which are responsible for generating and calculating employee wages. Manual time management requires time, effort and is prone to error which adds to the cost of the same. Automated attendance systems are tamper proof, reducing chances of buddy punching.

>> Efficiency: A Time and Attendance software not only saves administrative cost but also eases the process of centrally managing HR attendance policies from numerous locations.

>> Accessibility: The HR managers can easily access the employee attendance data from the software or utilize the system to review performance for appraisals or monthly salary calculations.

>> Precise: The calculation of overtime, balanced leaves, leaves taken and so on, helps HR managers to work without the fear of underpaying or overpaying due to oversight or erroneous calculations. One can easily record late in, early-out, overtime and more ensuring accuracy and avoiding fraud.

There are different sites available online such as https://www.oasys-me.com/business-wide/time-and-labor-management and many more from where you can look for more softwares for time management.

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