• February 16, 2022

Different Types Of Garden Fencing

The garden is not only made up of vegetables and flowers. People want their gardens to be attractive. There are many ways to achieve this, including decorative garden fencing.

There are many options for this garden fencing including vinyl, bamboo or wood. Each option has its own unique attributes that set it apart. These three types of decorative top-quality garden fences offer something for everyone.

Here are the different types of garden fencing:

  • A bamboo fence can add an exotic look to your yard while providing privacy. However, it is not very durable and can rot after the season depending on the rainfall.

  • Plastic fences are available in a variety of colors and designs. Perhaps its most attractive feature is its durability and minimal maintenance as it resists rot and rust and rarely changes color.

  • Steel Wire Chain Link Fence Easy installation and minimal maintenance. Cheap to assemble, lets in lots of air and light but offers little privacy.

  • Wrought iron fences have more architectural appeal and character. Of course, it also has its advantages in bad weather.

  • A wooden fence can add an old-fashioned style to a garden. They offer privacy but need some maintenance. They are sure to beautify your garden and there is a wide variety of picket fences on the market.

  • A stone fence is more of a wall than a fence, but it is an option. It may be expensive to build and once established it is impossible to move so your options may be limited.

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