• February 3, 2022

Emergency Tree Removal: Cleaning Up After The Storm

After a hurricane passes, the winds will die down and the skies clear. But the mess remains. Flooding, fallen branches, and power outages can delay the return to normal. Sometimes, emergency tree removal in Marietta is required for a fallen limb. What needs immediate attention and what can be left to an expert?

You can easily find emergency tree removal services in Marietta via https://treewurk.com/services/emergency-tree-removal. These are some ways to help your lawn recover from a major storm like the recent hurricane.

emergency tree removal Marietta

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After Storms, Clean Up Your Landscape.

Before you begin cleaning up, make sure that your environment is safe. You should look for fallen power lines, debris on power lines, and large standing water puddles. Before you begin the clean-up, let professionals deal with these situations.

Check out the trees on your Property

After a storm in Marietta, one of the most dangerous safety hazards is falling or unstable trees. Take a look at every tree on your property to see if there are any signs of damage such as fallen branches or broken treetops. After a storm, a proper assessment of your property will help to minimize personal damage costs.

To cut larger sections of trees, use a rope.

You can handle the sections of a larger tree if you have difficulty cutting it or removing it in Marietta. Begin by tying a rope around your section. This is the section that you want to be cut first. While you are cutting, have a friend hold on to the rope.

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