• May 14, 2022

Understanding The Different Procedures Of TMJ Treatment In Edmonton

TMJ or Temporomandibular joint is actually the hinge that is formed in the ear's front, exactly where the lower jaw (mandible) and upper skull (temporal) bones connect. It produces various troublesome effects that include throbbing, pain, general discomfort and joint 'popping'. 

Treatments are available widely which is why it is curable. Specialists do offer various types of treatment options for reducing the symptoms and to relieve them completely. You can also visit https://www.physio.family/tmj-dysfunction/ and get tmj dysfunction physical therapy in Edmonton.

Medications: Most western medical practitioners tend to rely on the traditional measures for relieving TMJ pain. These medications include naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. For relaxing the jaw, medications like Celestone, Valium, etc. are given, which also helps in relieving pain and irritation from the joint that is stressed.

The TMJ specialist is like that of a physical therapist or dentist who would keep in mind the issues faced by the individual and accordingly recommend several stretching exercises for helping the individual to relax while he is awake. 

This way, he allows the individual's body to repair and in rebuilding the muscles along with the other structures of the jaw, more specifically at the joint. Electrical and massage stimulation helps in decreasing the pain and also increases the joint's motion range. 

Also, ice pack and heat pack therapies are quite effective for taking care of the sudden flare-ups. They do well when combined with massage therapy. Both cold and hot can actually shrink the tissue swelling surrounding the joint and avoid muscle spasms, thus allowing the joints to take adequate rest.

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