• October 22, 2021

Worrying About Fixing Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

Dog separation anxiety refers to a condition where dogs feel undue fear or nervousness when they are separated from their pack leaders or human companions. Many dogs with this condition attempt to alleviate their anxiety by digging, escaping and self-mutilation as well as chewing, barking, and whining excessively. 

Dog separation anxiety can be difficult to treat as the behavior is only displayed when the owner is away and not when the owner is at home. Dealing with dog separation anxiety is easy if you follow the right rules to train them.


Dog separation anxiety can be solved by teaching your dog how to be left alone. You can engage your dog in behavior modification, with or without medication.

These are five proven methods that will help you train your dog.

1. Do not use harsh punishments. In some cases, physical punishment may make the problem worse. Your dog isn't acting out to upset you. 

2. Do not ignore the problem. Dog separation anxiety symptoms won't disappear. They seem to get worse with age, so it is best to stop the behavior before it gets worse. 

3. Create a program that is specific to your dog. You can find many behavior modification programs for dogs with separation anxiety. 

4. Do basic obedience training with your dog and don't over spoil her. Don't give your dog too much attention while you're away. Encourage your dog to play on her own as much as possible, and praise her when she does.

5. Do not make it a big deal to leave your dog. Go. You don't have to sit and wave goodbye to her for hours. Give her a treat and exercise before you go. 

You can help your dog with separation anxiety by doing everything you can. Your dog will be more at ease if you are away.


Alisa Saucedo

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